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Pictures speak much louder than words, so scroll through some of the photos and note the combination of the formal and happy/casual shots that are typically captured at any of John’s weddings. To view these simply click on the link below. Please note initial download may take a few seconds. To see the image using the full dimensions of your computer screen, press F11 on your keyboard to turn this functionality on and off. These images will change automatically every 10 seconds, however if you wish to speed this up or directly view a particular photo just click on the thumbnail image on the left of the screen.

Wedding Photos

John is also an experienced Family and Individual Portrait Photographer. To capture more natural shots, rather then using a studio, John comes to your home or a nearby park. Please click on the link below to some examples.
Portrait Photos

John has also travelled extensively to other parts of the world, including an overland trip from Australia to Holland (including war torn Afghanistan and Iran), living and travelling in Europe for 3 years and then spending nearly two adventurous years hitch hiking around the USA and Central America, plus numerous subsequent trips to many parts of Asia, and some parts of the Pacific Islands.  His most recent trip was to Morocco including a camel trek through the Sahara. The following photos highlight some of those journeys.
Travel Photo – General

Generally John had chosen not to exhibit his travel shots publicly, other when he entered and won the prestigious ‘Melbourne Camera Club Photo Journalist Print of the Year’ Award with the print “Old man and his supper”. He also held an exhibition at the beautiful Convent Gallery in Daylesford Victoria a few years ago.

Many of the photos below represent that particular exhibition, entitled ‘Shiva’ which is Sanskrit for ‘soul’.
Travel Photos – India